Servants of the Most High God – Old Testament Characters

Servants of the Most High God  is a curriculum series highlighting characters from the Old Testament along with teaching illustrations and discussion questions.

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Seal for Christian Author Awards Book ContestAWARD WINNING BOOK
Christian Choice Book Awards (Feb. 2009), Xulon Press
Third Prize: Missions Category

Studying the lives of biblical characters is a wonderful way to learn scriptural truth and gain insight into the life God blesses. Servants of the Most High God is a curriculum containing fascinating stories of Old Testament characters along with illustrations used for teaching. Included with each story is an instruction page for the storyteller containing important life-changing principles and questions for discussion. Already adopted for use on the mission fields of India, this curriculum has been translated into multiple Indian languages and has proven to be a valuable discipleship tool in equipping the emerging churches and the training of its leaders. Ideal for small groups of all ages, Servants of the Most High God offers enough material for consistent study over a year’s time.


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