Stories of Jesus – Series 2 – Public Ministry and Miracles

The second book in the Servants of the Most High God – Stories of Jesus curriculum series includes stories from the public ministry and miracles of Jesus.

Servants of the Most High God – Stories of Jesus is the final series of a continuing curriculum of stories highlighting biblical characters who fulfilled their unique calling to advance the Kingdom of God in their generation. The Stories of Jesus include forty stories written in a progressive series of four books depicting the life of Christ from his birth through his public ministry, his teaching, his death, resurrection, and ascension. Already adopted for use on the mission fields of India, this curriculum has been translated into multiple Indian languages and has proven to be a valuable discipleship tool in equipping the emerging churches and the training of its leaders. The four-volume story curriculum along with the Curriculum Guide that accompanies it offer years of study and are designed to deepen the reader’s understanding of the application of lessons and principles modeled through the lives of Bible characters. The entire curriculum series is rapidly becoming a valuable resource in equipping readers to become present day servants of the Most High God with the hope of making lasting impact for the cause of Christ in our present day generation.


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